10 (Accurate) Stereotypes: White Girl *Fall* Edition

milkchocolat 10/04/2014

We hope to shed some light on race and break down some of the media’s recent attempts to create more racial tension in the States. Have a good laugh in this edition of “Ten (Accurate) Stereotypes.” Cue the laugh track. This is the White Girl *Fall* Edition.

It is the first day of October. It is guaranteed that if you leave your house, you’re going to run in to a white girl that proves *at least* one of these statements true. Admit it ladies, it is our favorite time of year.

1. The overly stated and overly true assumption that this years latest fashion trends are Ugg Boots, leggings, and a North Face Jacket.

2. The Pumpkin Spice Latte in your hand. I like to be different and just add PS to my half-caff americano. Fancy, I know.


3. You bought your PSL and *very caloric but first and last of the season* pumpkin bread on your Starbucks Gold Card. With the app. On your new Iphone 6 Plus.


4. You love your new Iphone 6 Plus and treat it like your beloved pet. New phone cover every week. OMG.


5. You’re probably listening to Drake, your favorite rapper, while you drive with your windows down.


6. When you scrolled to Drake on your itunes, you had to pass your Christmas playlist. The anticipation is killing you… you may or may not have listened to a quick rendition of Jingle Bell Rock. It’s never too early, right!?


7. The car-jar hanging from your rear-view is probably Macintosh, Pumpkin Ginger Bark, Vanilla Chai, or Caramel Pecan Pie…oh the smell of fall!


8. Baking! Cookies, cupcakes, pies, muffins…bring on the baking! Don’t forget to sample the dough!


9. You may have started using sunless tanner (eww to tanning bed cancer) by this time of year to make sure that your summer glow stays around as long as possible.


10. And although this last one was contributed by my other half, Chocolat, I can agree with it no matter the time of year. White girls can always find a reason to cry. Whether it is a commercial for animal rescues, the guy who yelled at you for parking too wide, or the most recent diagnosis of ebola in the states… we sure know how to care about something.