30-minute Incline Fitness

Chocolat 11/08/2014

This simple 30-minute workout will get you in shape and keep you feeling great throughout these ‘holiday eating months’ when you won’t be able to make it to a gym or do Crossfit. However, this natural outdoor “Rastaman” workout is simple, and can be completed in 30-minutes anywhere!

1. Warm-Up + Stretch

MC Jog Milk Chocolat Stretch

I like to warm up my muscles before stretching, so I started this workout with a 2-mile jog at 7:20 pace. There are a variety of stretches out there, so pick a routine that works for you, and stick with it.

2. Frog Jumps (4x)

crouching tigerfrog jumps

Get your butt in line with your knee, jump forward as far as you can and repeat until you ‘make it to the top’.

3. Frog Jumps + Push-Ups (4x)

Bear Crawlfrog  x press up

Same as above but this time with (3) push-ups in between each jump.

4. Skip Rope (4x)

MC skip ropeMC down incline

Skip rope up the incline, bending the knees as you go.

5. Balance Abs 10 (4x)

MC balance abs MC cansado

Find an object to balance your body, and bring your knees to your chest.

6. Prop – Ups 10 (4x)

MC Prop-ups 20141017-IMG_2440

Find an object to prop your feet on, and bring your chest to the floor.

Milk and I are embarking on a new fitness Journey together and would like to encourage others to do so too! Have any fitness tips you would like to share? Get in touch!