on 10/09/2014

AÃRK Collective Watch

At a cost of $139 AUD, the AÃRK Collective Watch is both an eye-catching and eloquently simple piece coming out of Australia. I was gifted the Classic in white-peach and have it in the go-to section of my jewelry collection.

The art of minimalist design is the backbone of the Classic. It’s easy, refined and plays around with colour to offer each wearer a character that best represents them. Perfectly balanced in design and function, this watch is a true representation of AÃRK.

The Classic’s outer shell is made from the most durable PU plastic, while an internal stainless steel case protects the precise Japanese Quartz movement from water damage and the shock of hard knocks. On top of custom-moulded parts that are exclusive to AÃRK, its unique look comes courtesy of an independent second hand, while matte satin finishing on both the case and the band makes the Classic soft to the touch and really comfortable to wear. The only complicated thing about this unisex watch? Deciding which of the six colours will suit your taste, mood or outfit.

On the wrist, it wears fairly small, but not tiny, making it an acceptable design for men, women and children. The look is a modern design with toy-like playful features. Although I love the spectacular white-peach color that nearly blends in with my skin, it is not easy to keep free of marks and discoloring. That would be my only critique of the overall piece.

There are several other color options including; yolk, navy ink, black tie, grey lead, tortoise, sterling, amber, and coal. Although the design is not for everyone, it is a masterful and fairly inexpensive piece to add to your collection! I will most likely be gifting the classic amber watch to myself for Christmas this year!

Price: $139


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