C’est Jeudi

Milk 10/30/2014

Happy Thursday! It is almost the weekend and we have a lovely line-up of inspiring photography for you. The listening selection is a track called “Serpent A Plumes” by a French singer and songwriter, Isabelle Antena. She is notable both as a founder of electro-samba pioneers Antena and also as a prolific and successful solo artist. An interesting thought from Ms. Isabelle;

“The fact that we have had to struggle quite a lot to get to even where we are now is not important. I think there is always a value in people whose music is not mainstream. What is hard to listen to today might be easier to listen to tomorrow. The good thing about music is that anything is possible.” We completely agree and ask that take in this beautiful track, photography, and philosophy.

Isabelle Antena - "Serpent A Plumes"

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