C’est Jeudi de Novembre

Milk 11/06/2014

5097680887_c2cf00cc2f_oVivre sans aimer n’est pas proprement vivre. So said Molière, “to live without loving is to not really live.” This Jeudi, be thankful for the people, places, and things that you love. Allow the love to give you life and carry it into the weekend with you. Spread the love and the life.

To accompany the catalogue of inspirational photography this week, I chose an enlightening track called “Petite Fleur” by Henri Salvador. A popular French-Caribbean guitarist and songwriter whose work was often characterized by its wit and humour. He enjoyed one of the longest careers of any French cabaret artist, debuting professionally in the mid-’30s and recording all the way into the new millennium. I was introduced to his music while studying in Toulouse, FR in 2008. His Chambre Avec Vue album began my love affair with his sound— getting me through a two week stint in the Pyrenees where my only companions were goats, horses, and an elderly Spanish woman. Beautiful memories of the mountains and my solitude reawaken every time I hear the gentle, delicate, romantic fusion of French pop and Bossa Nova that Henri created.

 Henri Salvador “Petite Fleur”

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