Deerhunter – “Helicopter”

Chocolat 10/22/2014

F rom Atlanta, Georgia, the origins of Deerhunter can be traced back to when frontman Bradford Cox first met guitarist Lockett Pundt at high school. Years later Bradford and Moses Archuleta began making music together, and the seeds of what would become Deerhunter were sown. Other contributors to Deerhunter since its establishment in 2001 include Josh Fauver, Colin Mee and Whitney Petty. The current incarnation consists of Cox, Pundt and Archuleta plus bassist Josh Mckay and guitarist Frankie Broyles.

This trackHelicopter” is from Halcyon Digest, the band’s fourth studio album that was released in September 2010. Remaining in their native Georgia to piece together the album, Halcyon Digest took just a few weeks to complete. The recording sessions took place at Chase Park Transduction in Athens with Ben H. Allen helping to co-produce the album.

We love all sorts of music here at Milk Chocolat and this definitely takes us back to the days of flawless indie-rock. The percussive kick combined with live drums and mutated harps make for a perfect mix. Also the dense distorted guitar overdubs are just brilliant. Although the song is a bit sad we still see it important to embrace all emotions in life. Take in this interesting array of sounds and check out 4AD to find out more on Deerhunter!