Euphonic Traveller [Loungin Paris]

Chocolat 11/01/2014

Euphonic Traveller is a lounge band from Munich, Germany. “Loungin Paris” is their first album and the prelude to a line-up of compilations, inspired by various locations all over the world which they have travelled.

On “Loungin Paris” they describe a journey starting with the arrival at Charles de Gaulle, continuing with the stopover, and ending with the departure. The lyrics are spoken by Parisian Christin and the musical concept is rounded-off by the adoption of her fantastic accordion playing on the tracks.The album definitely takes you on a journey, especially if you listen to it from start to finish.

If you close your eyes, and find a good pair of headphones, this album could save you a flight to Paris. Having visited France many times, (Paris, Toulouse, Lille) I must say this album can place you there. Even if you have not been, or have no connection with the Parisian landscape, the sounds reflect the typical facings of French music.

The Album was released on Kosmo Records, one of the most prestigious Labels in electronic music worldwide. My favourite tracks on the album are listed below. Find a quiet place, close your eyes (or whatever you do to relax) and fulljoy this album from Euphonic Traveller.


Café Champs Elysées


Au Revoir Paris

The Breakdown