on 09/28/2014

Fleet Jewelry


THE WOMP – Weapon Of Mass Perception, is a 1.5″ small fish eye lens bullet necklace. Designed to make you bulletproof through a new view while adding a welcome weight to the chest.

Hanging on a 28″ chain this will sit over your sternum, 4th chakra. It represents the opening of feelings, compassion, and the capacity to love. Here there is no conflict. Handmade. NYC.

England's "three lions" footbal crest stamped on chest.

Kate knights Chocolat into the Fleet. Notice that single dread that has levitated into the capsule?

Kate Power is the creative force behind FLEET – a project that combines art, music, and inspiring personalities. Kate’s work is directly influenced by the surrounding world, and the people who support her vision with laughter and love. Her work is a true testament to what comes when you fearlessly pursue your dreams.

 “A Fleet is a pack, moving with velocity in the same direction – the direction for this Fleet is about ferociously following your dreams. The Line is about the way it moves with you on this adventure that is life, and how you move with it.”

Price: $68.00

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