on 10/02/2014


A power couple and comedic duo residing in Kingston, Jamaica, Kelsey and Dorsh created the MilkChocolat pseudonym to blog about their personal and professional lives. Kelsey (Milk) is a humanist with an affinity for high heels, philanthropy, and web dev. As a triple major in uni, she has proven to be a triple threat in the real world with brains, beauty, and grace. Dorsh (Chocolat) is an artist, software engineer, and futbol loving bloke with a worldly view on topics ranging from spirituality to netflix. Graduating with a B.A. in Music from Butler, he is a highly touted, and well-respected figure in both the music and tech industries. Both have lived extensive periods in foreign countries and have together, accumulated fluency in four languages. After graduating college and holding positions in many different professions, they made the conclusion to follow their dreams, save up money, and move to Jamaica.

They fell in love, traveled the globe, and made a baby… this is their (ongoing) story.