Orehla Negra – “Barrio Blue”

Chocolat 11/27/2014
orelhanegra copy0002

An MPC, a pair of Technics turntables, drums, keybords, bass, rhythm guitar, and a lot of Portuguese culture make up the sound of Orelha Negra. These talented five guys, Cruz (DJ/ Scratches), Ferrano (Drums), Gomes Prodigy (Keyboards, Synths), Mira Professional, (Voice Sampler/MPC, Synths) and Rebelo Jazz Bass (Bass guitar, Rhythm Guitar), describe themselves best, “A sound that makes you stamp your foot or clap your hands, a sound that you can’t stay different to…. It makes you reminisce and try to recognize that groove or beat or sample but it turns out to be a fresh new sound in your face!!!!!” If this perfectly broken English isn’t descriptive enough to get you excited about Orehla Negra, check out the songs below! Bless Up!

Orelha Negra – “Barrio Blue”

Orelha Negra – “M.I.R.I.A.M”