Rasta Mon Day [Bitty McLean – “So in love”]

Chocolat 10/20/2014

Rasta Mon Day [Rasta Monday] was created to celebrate Reggae and Jamaican music. With a focus on Rastafarian influenced sounds, the theme also introduces readers to Ska, Roots, and Rocksteady music. It is not centered around the Rastafarian movement or spiritual concepts associated with it. Do fulljoy the sounds, lyrics, and influences of the Jamaica’s unique music.

Bitty Mclean - "So in love"

One of those tracks that immediately sends goosebumps running down your arms, “So in love” is from the 2009 ‘Movin’ On’ album. The third album released by Bitty in an career that spans over two decades. Having received international acclaim with his 2004 album “On Bond Street” Bitty made sure to stay consistent while providing quality love tunes for the reggae faithful all throughout the world.

Although this tune was not released as a single, it is an all-time favourite for Milk and myself. Having discovered it for the first time in Manchester, England together it carries a special sentiment. We are massive fans of Bitty and the work that he does, so this will not be the last time we feature his tunes. However, in the meantime, take in this beautiful song and allow yourself to get lost in love. Bless up, and have a wonderful Monday wherever you are in the world!