Rasta Mon Day [The Black Seeds – “So true”]

Chocolat 11/24/2014

Rasta Mon Day [Rasta Monday] was created to celebrate Reggae and Jamaican music. With a focus on Rastafarian influenced sounds, the theme also introduces readers to Ska, Roots, and Rocksteady. It is not centered around the Rastafarian movement or spiritual concepts associated with it. Do fulljoy the sounds, lyrics, and influences of Jamaica’s unique sound.

New Zealand based Reggae band The Black Seeds have been running for over 10 years now and have made a lifestyle of touring their upbeat grooves around the world. They have been building a large following worldwide from their great live shows.  They’re currently working on a new album and touring NZ’s summer festival circuit with Ladi6 and Trinity Roots. Fulljoy this Rastamonday, this beautiful tune, and the amazing camera work from director Gareth Moon! Bless up!