Rasta Mon Day [Christopher Martin – “Cheaters Prayer”]

Chocolat 10/27/2014

Rasta Mon Day [Rasta Monday] was created to celebrate Reggae and Jamaican music. With a focus on Rastafarian influenced sounds, the theme also introduces readers to Ska, Roots, and Rocksteady. It is not centered around the Rastafarian movement or spiritual concepts associated with it. Do fulljoy the sounds, lyrics, and influences of Jamaica’s unique sound.

Chris Martin - "Cheaters Prayer"

Jamaica is a special country when it comes to talent, like the many rivers that run through the green island so does talent gush from its inner communities and towns. One such talent that has carved out a niche for himself is Christopher Martin. Among his contemporaries there is no comparison to Christopher’s vocal strength, outstanding stage performance and his ability to have patrons singing his every tune.

This track speaks to men in relationships from across the globe as the chorus states “Oh lord don’t let me cheat on my girlfriend… But if you can’t stop me from cheating, just don’t let me get caught”! Now, under no circumstances do I condone deceitful behavior, but there are those who do, and I think it’s pretty cool that he could come out and say what alot of men are actually thinking. Especially ones who are in dead end relationships that don’t know how to break it off. Whether you’re a fan of the lyrics or not, this track is undeniably original and should be celebrated for that simple fact. Much respect to all the men and women out there who are in faithful relationships, and to those who aren’t, listen to Chris Martin’s – “Cheaters Prayer” hahaha Bless up!