Rasta Mon Day [Culture – “See them a come”]

milkchocolat 06/11/2014

Culture was a Jamaican roots reggae group founded in 1976 and they were originally known as the African Disciples. The members of the trio were Joseph Hill (lead vocals), Albert Walker (backing vocals) and Kenneth Dayes (backing vocals).

Critically considered one of the most authentic traditional reggae acts, Culture received five-star reviews in the first Rolling Stone Record Guide publication.

This track “See them a come” is a testament to the brilliance of the band, but inevitably the lead singer Joseph Hill. The track speaks of the evils the world has to offer by way of our trusted friends, but just to find out that ‘jah’ sees them coming from a far. Hill states, “some are partial in the words of Jah but their works are not complete”.

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Last summer, I had the privilege of meeting Josephs son, Kenyatta Hill while in Kingston. After his father died on tour in 2006, Kenyatta, to the amazement of promoters, fans and critics alike, stepped onstage and delivered electrifying performances time and again. He ended up playing nineteen shows in all, until the tour was complete.

This was unheard of in any genre of music at any time. Kenyatta gave himself completely just as his father had for so many years, the two seemed to become one. The history behind this group, and furthermore this family could have me typing for days, but I’d like to let the music to do the talking. Fulljoy this wonderful track and soak up its ever important message. Bless up!

Culture - "See them a come"