Rasta Mon Day [Rhian Ayanna – “Home”]

Chocolat 12/08/2014

Rasta Mon Day [Rasta Monday] was created to celebrate Reggae and Jamaican music. With a focus on Rastafarian influenced sounds, the theme also introduces readers to Ska, Roots, and Rocksteady. It is not centered around the Rastafarian movement or spiritual concepts associated with it. Do fulljoy the sounds, lyrics, and influences of Jamaica’s unique sound.

Rhian Ayanna - "Home"

“Born in New York and reared in the West Indies, Rhian was destined to breathe notes filled with diversity, warmth, and spice. The same voice that has journeyed through Gospel and Jazz realms can just as easily ease into a Caribbean melody and mix it up with urban flavors. Much like a chameleon, Rhian is able to take on the colors of the music that surrounds her, becoming one with sound and vibration.

With a quality such as this, it is no wonder that her nation-wide experiences include performances at the Blue Note Jazz Club, a vocal appearance on RH Factor’s 2004 Grammy-nominated Strength EP and background vocal performances with Ladybug Mecca of Digable Planets.” Fulljoy your Rastamonday and this amazing record from Rhian Ayanna, bless up!