Rasta Mon Day [Burning Spear – “Christopher Columbus”]

milkchocolat 10/13/2014

“Winston Rodney, also known as Burning Spear, is a Jamaican roots reggae singer and musician. Burning Spear is a Rastafarian and one of the most influential and long-standing roots artists to emerge from the 1970s. In this thought-provoking song, Rodney asks some very literal questions that should make all sensible historians scratch their heads.

I an’ I all I know, I an’ I all I say, I an’ I reconsider, I an’ I see upfully that:
Cristopher Columbus is a damn blasted liar. Cristopher Columbus is a damn blasted liar, yes Jah

I remember hearing this song as a child, (I must have been 6 years old) and thinking to myself, “man, that’s a really good point”. Like most Jamaicans, I had a built-in propensity to reject certain colonial teachings, and Christopher Columbus’ story never quite added up.

He's saying that, he is the first one who discover Jamaica. I and I say that, what about the Arawak Indians and the few Black man who were around here, before him?

A whole heap of mix up and mix up. A whole heap a ben up, ben up. We have fi straighten out,
Christopher Columbus is a damn blasted liar. Yes Jah.

If you really think about for it yourself, Burning Spear got it right, Christopher Columbus is a damn blasted liar. This track speaks volumes to the Rastafarian messages he conveyed and provides good insight as to what his other tracks speak of. Fulljoy this Rasta Monday and give thanks for truth, life, and knowledge. Bless Up!

Burning Spear - "Christopher Columbus"