Rowpieces – Untrapped Visions

Chocolat 11/06/2014

R owpieces is an Electronic Music Producer and DJ from Munich, Germany. “Row“ is his nickname (Robert Schmidbauer) and “pieces“ means the variety of music he is listening to and producing. Describing his music is simple, no matter which style or genre – it is all driven by Soul, Funk and Jazz, and always sophisticated.

Rowpieces first encountered Hip Hop as a teenager and soon discovered Drum’n’Bass, House, Downtempo and Electronic music throughout the nineties. All those genres led him to the roots of Soul, Funk and Jazz, where he became a frenetic vinyl collector of many genres in Black Music and Electronic Music. He currently released this track “Untrapped Visions” on Liquid V Records Present: AFTERPARTY and we love it!

It’s funny because, when I run, I only listen to Drum & Bass. The constant pulsating snare patterns keep me at a moderate, but steady pace of about 7 minute miles (depending on the distance). Anyway, there are only two DJ’s that I currently listen to while logging miles on the open road, and they are Intelligent Manner’s and Dave Owen. The other day I was out for a 7-miler and listening to Night Grooves, when I heard this track literally swoop down from the heavens and into my headphones. I was just reaching that breaking point of exhaustion, and it was like the sounds I was hearing lifted me so high, I caught not only second, but third wind.

I could go on and on about why this track is so great, but you can just listen for yourself. All fans of intelligent drum and bass/liquid will appreciate this one for sure! Deep legato bass tones, blended with stabbing synth pads and winding swirls, this track is absolutely brilliant.

Fulljoy the sounds, and listen to more Rowpieces HERE.