SOAK – “B A noBody”

Chocolat 11/01/2014

B irdie Monds-Watson aka SOAK shares her first single for Rough Trade “B a noBbody”. She sings about “never amounting to anything,” and encourages her older brother who left college (unsure what to do with his life) to “C’mon c’mon, be just like me… be a nobody.”

All of our lives we strive to be something or someone great, hoping to leave our special mark on the world. However, what we fail to realise is that to “B A someBody” you must first “B A noBody” to truly find yourself.

It’s an interesting concept because before she was a somebody [known existence] to us, she was a nobody [unknown existence]. The track traveled all the way from Derry-Londonberry UK to our studio and has made a positive impact on our lives. Isn’t that what we all strive to do in our given professions?

The acoustic guitar mixed with electric pedal washes and keyboard arpeggios make for a perfect combination. As the song breaks down, cymbals, drum rolls, and distant vox busses subtly automate into the mix to provide a grand finale. Carefully orchestrated and executed with class musicianship, this track has definitely made its way into our favourites list!

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