Things I’ve learned from my Mom

Milk 10/25/2014

Every day I wake up, I always have her to thank. I have her guidance, her warmth, her love, and her heart. Someone who loves me unconditionally. Her prayers follow me no matter where I am. Whenever I’m right or wrong, it’s always ok, she will always be my Mama.

Today is her birthday. The world is truly blessed every day that she wakes up and smiles at life. I am beyond blessed to call her mine, the only person who could have made me what I am. To my Mama, I wish many many more years of life and happiness.


Ten things I’ve learned from my Mom.

1. There is enough love for everyone. My Mom has five kids that feel (and are) equally loved, respected, and cared for by her. She never chose favorites. She is so confident in her motherly love that other peoples’ kids feel embraced by her.

2. Let God’s beauty shine through you. On the most difficult days, in the most weary of circumstances, my Mother always reminded me to be a vessel of God’s love and beauty. She taught me to make it through any situation with a constant knowing of God’s presence in my life.

3. Children are not just a brain to be taught, they are a spirit to be nurtured. She is the most patient person I know. Although there were some homework answers that she couldn’t solve for me, she would always guide me to the right answer. Now as an adult, she has the same strategy to help me with real life problems.

4. Sometimes dancing is the only answer. She has always found a way to make us laugh. Her classic dances are contagious and get the whole room moving and stirring! Being silly and embracing it is one of the most important life lessons.

5. Don’t be ashamed to cry, caring is not embarrassing. My Mother has the biggest heart in the world. She genuinely spills tears for those dearest to her and complete strangers. She has no fear of trying to help people who fall into her heart and life. If you’re too busy judging, there won’t be time to love and nurture.

6. Live if you really want to. Always follow your dreams and accomplish your goals. Nothing is out of reach…as long as you’re safe! My Mom has supported me on my adventures to the edge of the Earth and back. Although I’ve caused her a few sleepless nights, she has been by my side through every decision.

7. Tell the truth. Chances are that she already knows the answer…so be honest and never underestimate the knowledge of a Mother!

8. Be polite and think before you speak. Words are very powerful. Sometimes it is better to say nothing at all, while other situations require you to speak your mind. You are always responsible for your actions no matter how you feel.

9. Good health and frequent exercise can only benefit your life. My Mom has been working-out several times a week for as long as I can remember. She always made exercise fun in our youth and encouraged healthy eating. Even when we were snowed in and school was cancelled for a week, we would go sledding, take moon-lit walks, and get creative with new winter recipes.

10. “You’ll always be my baby.” She is my Mom. She will never stop caring, never stop worrying, and always want to know that I am okay. No matter how late my flight lands, she needs to know I’m grounded. No matter how minor the symptoms, she needs to know that I’m taking care of myself. And no matter how old I get, I will always need my Mother.