on 10/14/2014

Turma do Pagode “Novo Dia”

Turma do Pagode is a Brazilian samba and pagode group that formed in 1994 in northern São Paulo. The uplifting track entitled “Novo Dia” enlightens listeners on dreams of a new day. Even to those who don’t speak a word of Portuguese, this song transcends language barriers to make you feel its meaning. With the instrumentation and delivery, it is sure to lift your spirits.

The original Pagode is considered a subgenre of Samba, only to be listened to with lots of food, celebration, loved ones, and dancing. It was formed in the late 1970’s/80’s with a lyrical focus on irony, slang, and underground terminology. However, the term has recently become associated with pop music and often carries a negative connotation.

This track was introduced to us by a dear friend from New Zealand. He spent a good majority of 2006 in Brazil playing football for Clube Atlético Paranaense. The club is from Curitiba in Paraná, on the east coast. Apparently, this song by Turma do Pagode was his inspiration before every practice and game. We are thankful that he shared the sounds with us because eight years later, we still find the occasional morning when this is the only song to start our day.

Turma do Pagode – “Novo Dia”