Yes, I’m a Vegetarian. No, I don’t need your commentary.

Milk 10/05/2014

Albert Einstein, a well-known guy for his smarts, said, ”Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” PS. Einstein was a vegetarian!

And yes, this is a vegetarian rant! And only people who are vegetarians or vegans might understand or even read it. Regardless, it is on my mind today for reasons that I deal with on a regular basis. Imagine sitting down to a brunch (or any meal) with family and friends that have been in your life for YEARS and still receiving judgmental commentary about the food on your plate. “You’re not going to get full. If you could only taste how fabulous this meaty omelet is! Forget you, your poor unborn baby isn’t getting any protein. I just don’t understand.” News flash: I don’t need you to understand. After all this time, many people still behave like my decision to be a vegetarian is a crime that has effected them personally. Being a vegetarian comes with a certain stigma: Are you pretentious? Do you not enjoy eating? What’s your problem, vegetarian? Well, instead of telling you WHY I am a vegetarian (because I’m not trying to persuade you to be one), I’ll just list off some of the commentary that I am sick of hearing. And if you were truly interested in understanding my choice or becoming a vegetarian yourself, you might just want to reference Einstein.

And yes, I wrote this as a pretentious vegetarian…a wee bit of exaggeration is used to get my point across. I’m not always this dramatic and opinionated (don’t verify that information with my hubby).

1. Wow. What do you eat?

Well, this is a tough one. Umm…anything that isn’t the flesh of an animal. These foods aren’t difficult to find.


2. Are you going to judge me if I eat this bacon double-patty-burger and side of chicken tenders in front of you?

No, but I do care about you and would love to get you the direct line to my Granddad’s Cardiologist.


3. I used to be a vegetarian… for almost a whole week in college. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Please tell me more about how difficult your life is.


4. Would you eat meat if I gave you a million dollars? Or were on a deserted island and starving to death?

Get back to me when you initiate that paypal transaction. And no, I have no plans of traveling to a deserted island (that is undoubtedly covered in green vegetation) anytime soon. But wait! Let me throw some extreme scenarios your way and attempt to waiver your morals. It’s really fun. I promise.


5. How do you get enough protein?

I eat well-balanced meals during the day. Ta-dah!


6. You must really love animals. I love my dog, so I understand.

I am so glad you finally understand! Say what!? You even donated to that late-night animal rescue commercial filled with sad music and sad puppies… Now, if you could just stretch that empathy to include all animals you’d be an ethically consistent person.


7. Fake meat and tofu are nasty! Eww!

So are slaughterhouses! Type that into your search engine. I’ll wait.


8. Don’t you feel bad about all of the plants that you’re murdering? The poor leaves and grass!

Well, considering they don’t have a nervous system…no.


9. I couldn’t do it. I don’t know how you do it.

A little self-control goes a long way. And although I am not asking you to do it, you’re stronger than you think.


10. (New to me, since this is the first time I have grown a human) Is your baby getting enough nutrients? Are you going to force him to eat only grass and leaves?

Yes, he is getting all of the nutrients that he needs while in utero. When he graces the Earth with his presence, he’ll get only breast for awhile (vegetarian breast). And as he gets older, we will always encourage him to make the best decisions for himself. He might be a pescetarian like Daddy or a vegetarian like Mommy, but he will have the knowledge and foundation to make the best choice for himself. And we’ll support him.



End Rant. May you fulljoy your day and next time you are out with your veggie friends, skip the commentary.